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Types of dental veneer

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If you want to restore your smile you should trust a dental clinic with a dedicated team that provides modern dentures customized according to your budget and needs. Our staff treats every patient according to their individualized needs and will choose the appropriate denture that performs exceptional and looks nice.

What is a Denture?

A denture is a device that serves the purpose of replacing missing teeth and helps the patient chew food again, improve their speech, improve their facial aesthetics, and feel more confident. Not replacing your missing teeth can lead to several problems such as gum disease, headaches, and loss of bone density along your jaw, altering your face shape.

Types of Dentures

Complete Denture

Ideal for patients that have all of a majority of teeth missing. They can be either conventional or immediate. Immediate dentures are the top choice for when you need to get a tooth extraction because they can be positioned as soon as the tooth is removed. They are manufactured in advance and you won't have to be without a tooth during the gum healing period.

The conventional denture is made after the teeth have been removed and it is ready to be positioned about 8 to 12 weeks after. An immediate denture is considered a temporary solution because your bones and gums will shrink during the healing process and it will require more adjustments than the conventional one which is going to adjust to the final shrinkage of your gums and bones.

Partial Denture

This option is suitable for patients who are only missing a few teeth. It consists of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base and connected to a metal framework to hold the false teeth in your mouth. It can include the usage of dental cement to fill in the gaps between teeth and partials that can be easily removed. It can be used to prevent any changes in teeth position.

Implant-Supported Denture

You can use partial bridges denture and incorporate a dental implant to serve as an artificial dental tooth root. The dentist will place a crown or a dental bridge to secure them. Your denture will look and feel more natural. Other benefits are the elimination of discomfort due to dentures sliding on the gum, the denture stays in place and won't slip when you eat or speak.

Steps For Getting Dentures

Pre-denture Consultation

We will provide you a full examination including X-rays your gum tissue is ready for the new teeth. Each case is different and some patients will require additional procedures like reshaping the bone to provide a better fit. We will also start the denture-making process and create a cast or mold for both gums. We will discuss with you the size, shape, and shade of the denture. Our goal is to provide you individualized options.

Denture Adjustments

The dentist will decide the length of the new teeth and make sure there is a proper alignment between the upper and lower teeth to ensure the right fit. The dentist will also check that the bite is perfect and there are no clicks when the patient chews or talks.

Denture Wax Try-on

The final step will allow us to make sure the denture fits properly, check if there are any adjustments needed, and get it to the laboratory for the final changes.

How to Take Care of a Denture

To maintain the fit and quality of your denture it is important to take care of it. Here are our recommendations:

  • Brush the denture at least once a day: Remove and brush it with a soft-bristled brush, use a denture cleanser to get rid of food traces and plaques. Rinse it well before putting it back in your mouth.
  • Clean the denture after eating: Remove the denture and rinse it with water after eating.
  • Place the Denture in water overnight: It will stay moist and keep its shape for longer.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials, bleaching products, whitening toothpaste, or hot water on the denture.

Get the best denture at the most affordable price in our dental clinic. Our dentures will do more than restoring your dental health, you will have more confidence and show off a great smile.

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