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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Having the smile you’ve always dreamed of can boost your confidence. The skilled MediDental Care team in Astoria, New York, offers the most advanced cosmetic dentistry services available, and tailor them to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening or a total smile makeover, call MediDental Care in Queens or schedule an appointment online today.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry


An expressive smile with beautiful white teeth gives you charisma, which gives the other person the impression of health, energy and cheerful disposition and gives the impression of being younger. Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the natural appearance of the smile but also to correct any defect in the jaw and even in the face.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the group of dental treatments designed to improve the smile and correct broken, cracked, discolored or irregularly positioned teeth.

When describing a “beautiful smile”, one does not only talk about dentures, but three distinct components that define it must be taken into account:

  • the lips
  • the gums
  • the teeth

Your smile reveals your personality and you need to take care of it daily. The aesthetics of the smile corresponds to several anatomical rules, the size, shape, and shade of your teeth in harmony with your jaw and face.

Aesthetics being subjective for each patient, the practitioner's role will be to understand your request, to analyze it to the rules of dental aesthetics and to guide you while explaining the clinical limits specific to each case.


What are the treatments specific to cosmetic dentistry?

These are some of the conditions that can be treated:

  • Misaligned teeth. Through aesthetic braces, the smile can be made to look symmetrical.
  • Separate teeth. They can be joined with brackets or dental veneers.
  • Stains on teeth. Normally, these stains arise from alterations or deterioration of the enamel and the solution may be a professional cleaning or whitening.
  • Dental fractures(Breaks, wear, or chips). Fissures and fractures can cause increased sensitivity in the teeth; to restore them and eliminate pain, endodontics is used.

There are many methods to get great results in cosmetic dentistry, MediDental Care, Dental Clinics located in Queens, Astoria, NY choose only the best techniques. The goal is to give you a bright smile, which you will be happy to show! They include:


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Teeth whitening is a technique used to lighten the natural color of one or more teeth. It is an act that consists of cleaning and then lightening your teeth with a product adapted to restore their shine.

Superficial discolorations caused by drinking coffee, tea, red wine or cigarettes, for example, are gently and thoroughly removed.


What causes discoloration or staining of teeth?

The main causes or elements that alter the color of the teeth are food, beverages or tobacco consumption. This occurs because the dental pieces have millions of microscopic pores that allow organic compounds to penetrate the dentin and stain the surface of the tooth giving the tooth a darker color.


Techniques that are used to perform teeth whitening

Some of the most used techniques to carry out teeth whitening are:

  • Chemical agents
  • Photoactivation technique that uses laser and LED.
  • Gels containing bleaching agents: These gels act on the pores of the tooth causing the breakdown of the organic compounds that fill the teeth.

To improve the overall appearance, discolored or dark teeth can be bleached with bleaching solutions of varying concentrations based on hydrogen peroxide. If the tooth is grey or dark due to a dead nerve, so-called internal bleaching is performed. The bleaching agent is placed inside the tooth.



Dental veneers are thin layers made in a personalized way with composite or porcelain that are placed on the anterior teeth to modify the shape and color of the teeth. Also, they can cover spaces between the teeth, mask cracks and breaks or lengthen the teeth.

There are two types of veneers in dentistry - Porcelain veneers and Composite veneers. A composite veneer can be constructed directly in the mouth. On the other hand, a porcelain veneer is made indirectly and then bonded to the tooth using resin cement.




The dental crown is an artificial device used to replace or cover broken or decayed teeth. These are fixed dentures. Dental crowns serve a dual purpose which is to beautify and strengthen teeth. These mechanisms can be developed from yellow gold or metal which is more resistant. Ceramic and composite resin can also be used to make dental crowns. It should be noted that the composite resin is more aesthetic because it is almost identical to the natural enamel of the teeth.



Tooth jewelry is a variety of fashion accessories that are exclusively cosmetic and reflect the personal taste of the user. Usually, these are gemstones, special foil or tooth tattoos, which are attached with a special adhesive. To protect teeth and gums, visit MediDental Care team in Astoria, New York, to have the dental jewelry professionally installed in our dental practice.

There are different types of jewelry and dental ornaments:

  • Lingual piercing
  • The mouth piercing
  • Diamond or dental rhinestone



Gingivoplasty is a procedure that is used to reshape the gums and give them an adequate aesthetic and gingival harmony, it is a treatment similar to gingivectomy. Local anesthesia is used to trim the margins of the gum and contour it in a more aesthetic, physiological way and eliminate defects.

The concept of cosmetic dentistry encompasses all prosthetic therapies, considering that the goal should always be to achieve not only optimal function and biology but also a pleasing appearance. The harmony of the smile is the concept that best expresses the aesthetics of the teeth and involves not only the teeth in the strict sense of shape and color, but also the shape of soft tissues such as the gums, and the position elements.

What makes a beautiful and harmonious smile is often the combination of all these factors, even compared to the other characteristics of the face.

Many people come to MediDental Care in Queens to request services to improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth, informed about the latest news in the field of dentistry.

MediDental Care dentists have specialized in cosmetic dentistry allow you to give a beautiful smile to their patients and to those who lost it because of a stain, a fracture, disappearance or separation by wide open spaces.


What will my new smile be like?

Thanks to the 3D technology that we use in MediDental Care we can reproduce in a digital image the results of several treatments so that you are aware of how your smile would be if you decided to carry them out.

Questions to ask yourself before a cosmetic treatment

These are the questions that any patient should ask before carrying out any aesthetic treatment:

What will the results be like? Normally this is the aspect that most worries patients and thanks to the technology we have in MediDental Care, it is already possible to know it clearly and accurately.

When will I get the results? Some treatments require a single session, while others need several visits. Our dentists will explain it to you before starting each process.

How long will the results last? Our dentists will explain it to you in each case but you should know that in most treatments, its duration depends largely on the good dental care you carry out.

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile, we encourage you to call MediDental Care in Astoria, New York or schedule an appointment online today.

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