The Benefits of Teeth Whitening and Dental Bridges

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The American Dental Association claims that the average adult has three and above decayed teeth. A confident smile is every person's signature. The average American is looking for correction methods to elevate their smiles. One of the most popular options for replacement is dental bridges. Bridging has its benefits and a tiny share of disadvantages. Read below to understand the benefits and determine why Medidental Care offers the best dental service in Astoria.


Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Medidental Care has a proven track record. Having been bleaching teeth for years, their professionals have tried various methods, and they are confident of what works. A professional teeth whitening procedure at Medidental Care is fast and takes roughly an hour. Our results are reliable. Moreover, we suggest home maintenance tips to ensure the results last longer. Other benefits you will enjoy from teeth whitening include:


Benefits of Dental Bridges


The process of Getting a Dental Bridge

For your dental bridges, Medidental Care will involve at least a couple of appointments and procedures.

  1. Once you have decided, the initial dental appointment will involve prepping your teeth' abutment for the crowns that will support the bridge. The teeth are prepared by removing some enamel to leave room for the crown to be put over them. A dedicated professional will take an impression of your teeth using a soft putty-like material you bite into, planting an indentation of the same outline of your teeth.
  2. A plaster-like substance is added into the impressions to develop a model of your teeth, where dental bridges will be made in a lab. The dental lab will use the indented model to come up with a permanent bridge. The temporary bridge will cover the abutment teeth to shield them until the permanent crown is made from the dental lab.
  3. During your second visit, the permanent crowns will be checked for proper fitting after the temporary ones are removed. The crowns will be cemented, and the dentist will inspect them to make sure your bite is not too high and adjust it as required. You may have to return regularly to fix the bite.

Whitening results depend on various factors. However, professional in-office whitening has been proved to be the most predictable way to improve your smile. If you are planning on fixing stained or misaligned teeth, why not visit professionals. At Medidental Care, the doctors and the brilliant staff have been whitening smiles and bridging teeth gaps for years.



At some point, you may need to replace bridges. Dentists at Medidental Care generally recommend that you whiten your teeth then have a new bridge made. It is to ensure the whitened teeth' shade match that of the two crowns and abutment teeth.

The alternatives to dental bridges are;

All these services are offered at Medidental Care, where professional dentists ensure your smile becomes your pride.


Best Dental Service in Astoria

Dental bridges, teeth whitening, and implants are considered vital for good oral health. Therefore, if you are looking for the best dental service in Astoria, New York, visit or call Medidental Care for professional dentistry services.

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