Medidental Care Helps: What Are Dental Bridges and Veneers?

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Good well-maintained teeth are crucial for living a good life. No matter how good looking you are, that nice facial features would be useless if your teeth look gapped, stained, and rotten. Can't get a job? Your teeth might be the culprit. Employers think about personal hygiene when screening applicants. Thus, they might look at the teeth in determining so.

There are various ways to address gapped, stained, and rotten teeth. Here in Medidental care, we solve this problem through simple methods like veneers and dental bridges. Visit our clinic in Astoria now. But before you do so, allow us to educate you about what veneers and dental bridges do.

Teeth Stain and Veneers

In dentistry, staining is a condition that's associated with the discoloration of the teeth. The discoloration may range from being brown, green, yellow, or black. Furthermore, it might also range from small spots to large ones that are easily noticeable.

Staining occurs when residue from consumer goods settle on the teeth. The common reasons for stained teeth in adults are:

In the case of kids, the most common cause of teeth discoloration is poor oral hygiene.

What happens if stained teeth aren't addressed? Eventually, they will start to rot or decay. Another issue that might happen is the development of gingivitis or periodontitis. If you have stained teeth, we suggest that you visit Medidental Care in Astoria, New York for a cleaning session.

Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure. This is where veneers come in handy. These are thin shells that are made using porcelain or resin composite material. Here are the advantages that you'll enjoy when wearing veneers:

The professional dentists in our clinic do an excellent job of putting veneers on your teeth. They do it in a painless, cost-effective, and time-efficient manner. That said, visit now and let them help you.

Diastema and Dental Bridges

Diastema is a condition that's characterized by the existence of undesirable spaces between each tooth. In layman's terms, people call this condition teeth gaps. Diastema may be a result of having abnormally small teeth, gum disease, and misalignment of teeth size to the jawbone size. Tooth decay, brittle teeth, and crooked teeth are other factors.

People overlook the dangers that gapped teeth might inflict on the person who has it. Diastema might affect the facial features if you have it. Furthermore, it might interfere with speech and eating.

In Medidental care, we fix diastema through dental bridges. Contrary to the myth, having bridges isn't painful. The dentists in our clinic do the procedure using painless methods. Dental bridges are helpful in many ways. Aside from correcting your smile, they also improve speech, facial features, and eating.

Types of Dental Bridges

Cantilever Dental Bridge

This dental bridge is suitable if there's only one tooth that can be used for attaching. A cantilever dental bridge works well as a replacement for missing front teeth.

Implant Support Bridges

This is a dental bridge that's installed at the mouth through implants that are drilled on the gums up to the jawbone. Implant support bridges have been growing popular recently. However, one downside with it is that too many implants might lead to complications.

Traditional Dental Bridge

This dental bridge offers the most chewing comfort. Furthermore, it's very lightweight and feels very natural. This is what you should get if the space that the missing teeth left has anchors on each side.

Maryland Dental Bridge

Maryland dental bridge is made using plastic teeth that are reinforced using a metal frame. It is then installed to anchor teeth using metal attachments.

Dental bridges might be more efficient than having dental implants due to the following reasons:


Medidental Care is the place to go for the best dental bridges and veneers. We offer these services at very affordable prices. Furthermore, we also do things meticulously. Before suggesting, we do a series of check-ups to see if veneers and dental bridges are the best treatments for you.

Aside from the services mentioned earlier, we also offer the following:


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