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What is Cosmetic dentistry?

What is Cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is also known as Aesthetic dentistry generally refers to a comprehensive dental treatment that focuses on the beauty of the teeth and mouth. Dental treatment has a functional aspect such as "curing tooth decay and periodontal disease" and "making it chew well" and an aesthetic aspect such as "making white and well-shaped teeth" and " teeth alignment". Aesthetic dental treatment is a dental treatment that satisfies both of these requirements and adds a beauty perspective. 

What to expect when you go for Cosmetic dentistry treatment (Whitening)?

Whitening is a method for making your teeth super white at the same time beautify them. A special whitening agent is applied to the teeth to gradually whiten the teeth. There are office whitening agents performed at the dental clinic and home whitening performed at home.

All ceramic crown

An all-ceramic crown is a ceramic (porcelain) crown that is put on when a tooth is sharpened by caries treatment and is also called an inserted tooth. Resins (plastics) and metals used in insurance treatment may look unnatural and may discolor or deteriorate over time, but ceramics are so beautiful and natural that they can be mistaken for natural teeth. It will look good.

It is also durable and can be used for a long time if you chew it firmly and take proper care. Since it does not use any metal, it is safe for people with metal allergies

Laminate veneer

Laminate veneers are treatments that are applied to the anterior teeth by scraping the surface of the teeth and applying a thin ceramic. It is used for whitening denervated teeth, which is difficult to obtain the effect of whitening and adjusting the slight gaps in the dentition. Because it is white and transparent ceramic, it has a beautiful and natural appearance. Besides, anesthesia is not required because the amount of tooth scraping is smaller than that of crowns. One of the benefits is that the treatment is completed in a short period.

Metal bond

Metal bond is one of the crowns (covers) that can be put on when a tooth is sharpened with tooth decay. The most characteristic feature is that ceramic is baked on the metal frame. Since it is a metal frame, it has high durability and is suitable for molars where strong force is applied. However, because the inside is made of metal, the transparency and color tone are inferior to those of the all-ceramic crown, and the metal parts may be visible due to the thinning of the teeth, or the metal ions may melt and the teeth may appear dark. Also, since it uses metal, it cannot be used by people with metal allergies.


Teeth cleaning performed in a dental office is a specialty performed by a dentist or hygienist. Use a special tool to remove dirt that sticks to the surface of the teeth, between teeth gaps. Leaving dirt that cannot be removed by daily brushing can cause tooth decay and periodontal disease, so it is recommended that you have your dentist clean it regularly.


It is an aesthetic dental treatment that involves surgical procedures, and by regenerating the teeth from the root. It is possible to regain the sensation of chewing as well as the appearance without discomfort. Implants also called artificial tooth roots, require a three-dimensional understanding of the structure of the jaw and surgical procedures when implanting. Anesthesia equipment is also indispensable, so anesthesiologists will support you in the procedure. Place ceramic etc. On the implanted implant.

Other aesthetic dental treatments

Besides, care such as cleaning, gum massage, lip esthetics, and lip treatment is also attracting attention. All treatments are becoming more popular not only to clean the teeth but also to brighten and beautifully finish the entire mouth.

Teeth care precautions Brushing

Ceramic teeth are less likely to get dirty than natural teeth, so you don't have to rub them hard. If you rub too hard or brush with something that has too hard bristles, your gums may drop and you may see the boundaries of the cover.

Gently brush the border between your gums and cover. It is necessary to clean the space between teeth with floss or an interdental brush, but it is better to use the one that matches the condition of your mouth. Please consult your doctor or hygienist as you need to be careful about the aesthetically delicate front teeth.

Regular maintenance

Ceramic teeth are hard to get dirty, so they are hard to get cavities depending on periodontal disease and materials, but it is not 100% safe. By visiting us for regular maintenance, you can clean the dirt that cannot be removed by regular brushing, and check the health of your gums and whether or not you have worm teeth. It also helps you discover brushing points and brushing habits that you don't notice and helps keep your ceramic teeth beautiful.

Be especially careful with implants

The covering on the top of the implant is slightly different from the natural tooth making. Since the boundary between the base of the implant and the covering is like a constriction, it is easy for dirt to accumulate and cause inflammation. 

It is necessary to devise such as polishing with a brush with a fine tip called a tuft brush or cleaning with a special floss. The implant part is delicate and can be difficult to clean, so maintenance using specialized dental tools is required.

What is the effect of cosmetic dentistry?

Beautifying your teeth and balancing them with your gums and other teeth not only enhances the beauty of your mouth but also has a positive effect on your mind. People who are not confident in their mouths and cannot laugh by showing their teeth and who put their hands on their mouths when laughing will be able to laugh with confidence and be able to talk with people. This will have the effect of being positive and will make a big difference in your inner impression.

Final thought

If you want to make your teeth and mouth look beautiful, first consult a dentist. Based on the current dental condition and the patient's request, you can receive an explanation about the applicable treatment method and cost. Also, regarding the treatment procedure, it is better to understand not only the advantages but also the disadvantages and confirm its guarantee. It is important to fully understand these points before receiving treatment.

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