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Have you recently lost a tooth? Whether it is due to tooth decay or an injury losing a tooth is an unfortunate situation that doesn't only affect your smile or appearance but also has consequences for your health. It becomes crucial to find a tooth replacement and years ago the only options were dental bridges or dentures but fortunately for us now you can also get dental implants which are the most advanced permanent tooth replacement options. At Medidental Care, the best dental clinic in Astoria, we offer this innovative tooth replacement option to help you recover your beautiful smile.

Why Should You Get Dental Implants?
The consequences of losing a tooth go far beyond affecting the appearance of your smile. Once you lose a tooth that empty space becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and makes you more prone to suffering gum disease.

When you lose a tooth you will lose the density of your alveolar bone. Your teeth have the valuable function of promoting the growth and stability of the alveolar bone, which helps to hold your face shape so when you start losing one or more teeth the bones starts to lose density and degenerates. This will result in a shorter distance between your nose and chin and the lower third part of your face will partially collapse. Your face shape will get affected as well as you may notice trouble when speaking or chewing.

Another common issue when you lose a tooth is that the rest of your teeth will try to cover that empty space, they will drift into openings and affect your appearance or even have a negative impact on your bite.

Many people decide that the cheaper option is to don't get treatment but they don't really think about the long-term consequences and how losing a tooth can affect more than your appearance and also lead to irremediable health consequences. Don't hesitate to take care of yourself and look for treatment as soon as you notice that you are starting to lose teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?
Dental implants are an artificial tooth replacement option that consists of placing a metal post or frame into the jawbone and use it as a support for the artificial tooth. The dentist can either use an individual crown, bridge, or dentures onto the implants so they don't slip. Dental implants are considered the best way to replace your teeth because it is only supported by your bone and you don't need to have surrounding natural teeth to be a suitable candidate. At Medidental Care we have all the tooth replacement options available for you and we will carefully examine your oral health, medical history, and take into consideration your budget, goals, and expectation to choose the right option for you.

Can I Get a Dental Implant?
To be considered an ideal patient for a dental implant you need to have healthy gum and your jawbone has stopped growing. You also need to have enough support in your jawbone. The patient should also have discipline and commitment to follow the aftercare process and be able to quit some unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking or heavy drinking.

At Medidental care, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health including your jaw to determine areas of bone loss. You will also receive an X-ray and computed tomography scan to determine if a dental implant is going to be the best option

What Are The Benefits of Dental Implants Over Dentures?
Here are some of the main benefits that will make choose dental implants over dentures:

Dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth thanks to the fact that they bond with your bone.
Dental implants are durable, they can last many years if you take care of them properly while dentures need to be adjusted and refitted frequently.
Dental implants are helpful to prevent or reverse the loss of density in your bone that occurs when you lose a tooth. Dental implants adhere to your bone and prevent its degeneration while dentures can't serve that function and sooner than later the lower third part of your face will collapse.
Dental implants look and feel so natural that sometimes you may even forget that you are wearing them while dentures can usually cause discomfort.
Dental implants allow you to have a stronger bite force and be able to eat anything you want without worrying about the wobbling that occurs with dentures.
The aftercare of dental implants is quite simple, just take care of them as you would with your natural teeth while dentures require specific attention.

What To Expect With Your Dental Implant Procedure?
The first step is the consultation when our professionals will evaluate your areas of bone loss and determine if you are an ideal candidate for the dental implant. In some cases, a bone graft may be necessary if your jawbone isn't strong enough to support the implant.

The dentist will place the implant into your jawbone and then the osteointegration begins, this is the process where the bone grows into the implants and both bond together, this process can take months but you will keep your normal life and the dentist can place a temporary tooth.

Once the osseointegration process ends the dentist will place an abutment on the dental implant above the gum line and then it comes the time to create the artificial tooth. You can either get a crown, a bridge, or a denture that will be fitted into the implant. You will need to take care of your dental implant just like you would take care of your natural teeth. You will also need to attend periodic checkups.

Why You Should Trust Us To Get a Dental Implant?
At Medidental Care we have the best dentists in Astoria who have training in all the tooth replacement treatments and whose main priority is your oral health and help you achieve a more beautiful smile. Contact us and ask for a consultation.

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