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The Ultimate Guide when Scouting for a Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Are you looking to upgrade your smile? Cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening and a dental bridge, will go on a long way to gain confidence through smiling. Teeth whitening is an effective procedure used to whiten and brighten teeth and reduce stains and other surface tints. Over the years, Medidental Clinic has emerged as one of the best dental clinics to offer various cosmetic dental services such as dental bridging and teeth whitening as among their specialties, which residents of Astoria, New York can undertake. Moreover, teeth whitening treatments can have been proven to make four to nine times lighter; below are some of the issues to contemplate, influencing the outcome that will be of help.

Condition of teeth

Your teeth's condition has a positive or negative impact on the procedure of whitening. Teeth with cavities may not whiten as much as teeth with clean and free deposits teeth. It is essential to have your teeth professionally cleaned by Medidental clinic specialists. Furthermore, this will provide a suitable ground for tooth whitening products.

The Whitening Agent Used

The specific whitening agent used can create a massive difference in the success of the procedure. If you are looking for a procedure with a proven success rate, then in-office tooth whitening done at Medidental clinic is the best. Our procedures always work effectively in a short amount of time compared to home and over the counter treatments.

The initial color of the teeth

The initial color of your teeth will ultimately influence the results or the final shade. Expert opinion from Medidental clinic has proven that patients with a yellowish tint tend to respond better to whitening reagents than those with grey or brown shades. At Medidental clinic, several treatments can be performed to arrive at the desired white shade.

Time for the Treatment.

Following all instructions given by Medidental Dentists while undergoing treatment will result in satisfactory results. Each dental bridging and teeth whitening procedure has a specific timeline that must be strictly adhered to achieve the desired outcome. Patients need to understand that these are necessary procedures, and the need to exercise patience is paramount.


As a patient, you need to understand ways of treating your teeth to sustain the dental bridge or whitening procedures. Be keen on your routine habits such as the foods and drinks you take to keep the stains minimum.

In recent years there has been a great debate on choosing a dental bridge over a dental implant. At Medidental Clinic, we demystify these procedures and extensively understand which treatment is best for you and your teeth. Both methods have been tested and proven to work effectively in dental surgery. Before undertaking a bridging procedure, be sure to be subjected to a mouth scan to generate the exact models to be used to fabricate your bridge. A professionally trained lab technician should supervise the entire dental process. At Medidental Clinic, we have our well-equipped dental lab operated by specialized lab technicians. Additionally, among the benefits of dental bridges include.

  • Dental bridges restore your chewing force left by the missing teeth and provide comfort while chewing. Furthermore, these bridges help to maintain the shape of your face, eating, and speaking ability.
  • The procedure's sustainability and longevity are generally good if you observe high cleanliness and home care standards.
  • The number of appointments is less. You will require less than three appointments to finish the treatment. Notably, it is effortless to get along with the new dental bridges and ensures maximum comfortability.

The factors mentioned below are essential in ensuring that your bridge remains functional for a long period of time.

  • Always ensure that the teeth surrounding the bridge remain strong and healthy.
  • As you get used to your new bridge set of teeth, strive to intake foods that are soft and in small portions.
  • It is vital to maintain a high level of cleanliness and general home care to sustain the new set of bridges.

Conclusively, Not sure which type of white teeth treatment plan and bridge treatment effectively work for you? Consult a dentist at Medidental Clinic for expert advice. We guarantee our patients the perfect treatment plan, which can restore your confidence in your smiling again.

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