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What is a dental bridge?

Losing a tooth as an adult brings more problems than just affecting the appearance of your smile, it can make you prone to suffering gum diseases, your jaw bone starts to lose volume and density which can collapse the lower third of your face and make you look older. If you don't replace the missing tooth early the surrounding teeth will have a tendency to shift and they may become crooked or new gaps can appear. For those reasons, you shouldn't wait long to replace your missing tooth. One of the services we offer at Medidental Care, the best dental clinic in Astoria is the dental bridge.

Dental bridges are one of the most popular options to restore your smile. It consists of two or more crowns placed on abutment teeth, a pontic joins the crowns and fills in the gap. It can be made of different materials including porcelain, gold, and silver.


How Do I Know if I'm a Good Candidate For Dental Bridges?

Not everyone can get a dental bridge, these factors will tell if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure:

  • Have healthy teeth surrounding the missing tooth that can support the bridge.
  • Missing a permanent tooth.
  • Not suffering from infections or serious health conditions.
  • Have the commitment to perform good oral hygiene to maintain the dental bridge in good condition.


Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges in Medidental Care


Maintain a graceful face shape

Dental bridges prevent the loss of volume of your jaw bone and maintain your facial structure.


Improve your chewing abilities

Missing a tooth creates a gap that can affect your chewing abilities, you may experience pain or discomfort when eating and food particles can accumulate in the gap causing gum damage. When you get a dental bridge you will no longer have a gap and it will assist you in chewing food efficiently.


Restore Speaking Abilities

If you lose multiple teeth you may start noticing difficulty pronouncing certain words because the teeth have an important role in how you form words in your mouth and a gap can alter the placement of your tongue and modify the sounds. Dental bridges will allow you to restore pronunciation and speaking abilities.


Prevent the issues from missing teeth

Dental bridges can prevent other problems from missing teeth like crooked teeth and teeth migration.


Restore Smile

This is probably the most common reason for people to replace their missing teeth. Getting dental bridges will allow you to regain confidence in yourself and smile again without the embarrassment of your missing teeth.



You can clean them just like you do your natural teeth and there is no need to remove them like dentures. They feel comfortable in the mouth and after some time you will become accustomed to them.



Dental bridges don't provide discomfort when you speak, chew, or eat. The pressure when chewing doesn't rest on the gums, it rests only on the teeth so you will feel you are chewing with your natural teeth.


Dental Bridge Procedure

Getting a dental bridge will take you at least two appointments:


Teeth Preparation

The dentist will remove some part of the enamel to shape it for the bridge so there is room to place the crowns. Then the provider will take either impression of a digital scan of your teeth and they are sent to a dental lab to create the bridge. You may get a temporary bridge made out of filling materials to protect your gum while the permanent bridge is being constructed.


Permanent Bridge

The dentist will remove the temporary bridge and place the permanent one. They should be checked for proper fitting and make any adjustments if necessary. You should feel the bridge unfamiliar at first but it wears off quickly. You should assist further visits to adjust the bite. Our dentist will take some time to explain to you all you should know about your new dental bridges including how to properly take care of it and when you should seek a doctor. If you take care of the dental bridge it can last more than ten years.

Your oral health is our priority at medidental care and we offer dental bridges to help you restore your smile and have a better quality of life.

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