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A missing tooth is an unfortunate situation that can affect your confidence and also cause health problems such as bone loss. It is important to get a restoration treatment that allows you to smile with confidence again and prevent health problems, one of the most popular options to replace your missing teeth are a dental bridge. At Medidental Care, the best dental clinic in Astoria we have excellent options to replace your missing teeth and we offer dental bridges that will look just like your natural teeth and allow you to smile with confidence again.

What is a Dental Bridge?

It is artificial teeth that are placed that can consist of two or more crowns and it is supported by the abutment teeth on the gap. They can either be permanently attached (fixed bridges) or they can be removable. They can be made for several materials including old, but most of the time they are made of porcelain to look more like your natural tooth.

Why Should I Get a Dental Bridge?

It is important to replace all of your missing teeth in order to prevent these health problems:

  • Jaw Bone Loss: Your teeth help to stimulate and support the jaw bone so when you miss teeth the bone will no longer be supported and the unused muscle becomes atrophied. That will affect your face shape and make you look older.
  • Shifting Teeth: When your teeth find a gap the adjacent teeth can shift to cover that vast space, this will create more space for other teeth to shift which can affect the entire bite.
  • Improper bite: Missing teeth can affect the bite force as well as your ability to chew and that can lead to problems such as headaches, muscle pain, tooth sensitivity, and the unnatural wearing of the teeth.
  • Speech Problems: This one may surprise you but your teeth have an important role in speech so missing teeth will affect the way how you pronounce some words.


Types of Dental Bridge at Medidental Care

Traditional Dental Bridge

They are the most popular type of dental bridge. It consists of false teeth that are held in place by dental crowns that are placed on the abutment teeth. A downside of this type of dental bridge is that the dentist will have to remove some of the enamel from the abutment teeth and since the enamel can't regenerate itself the teeth will always have to be protected with well-fitted crowns.


This one is similar to the traditional with the difference that the dental bridge is attached to the abutment tooth on just one side. They are used when natural teeth are only present on one side of the gap. The dentist will also have to remove the enamel in order to prepare the adjacent tooth to support the bridge.

Maryland Bridges

They are usually used to replace teeth at the front of your mouth and it can only be used when you have natural teeth at both sides of the gap. Instead of using dental crowns, it uses a framework that is bonded onto the abutment teeth. A downside of this dental bridge is that they are not as durable as the traditional ones.

Implant-Supported Bridge

Unlike the other types that are supported by natural teeth, it is supported by dental implants. They are used when you have more than 1 missing tooth. This is process is considered an innovative and strong type of dental bridge but keep in mind that you will have to undergo two surgeries and you will have to wait a couple of months before finishing the implant-supported bridge.

Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges at Medidental Care

  • Gain confidence in your smile again and restore the aesthetics of your face.
  • They are small, lightweight, and provide great chewing comfort. You will feel like all of your teeth are natural.
  • They correct the normal bite force.
  • Unlike implants, dental bridges don't require surgery and the process takes less time.
  • You don't have to remove each night as you do with removable dentures.

Are you ready to replace your missing teeth? Contact us and restore your smile. At Medidental Care, the best dental clinic in Astoria we have plenty of tooth replacement options and will work closely with you to select the best one for you.

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