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All You Need to Know About Dentures and Invisalign Astoria NY

What Are Dentures?
Dentures are artificial teeth and gums made by dentists for patients with missing teeth. The dentist makes the dentures depending on the number of teeth you are missing. In case you are missing all the teeth on the top or button of your gum, you will get a full denture. If you have a few teeth missing, then the dentist will make partial dentures. Dentures are customized to fit the mouth and are also visibly matched to the existing teeth.

What Is Invisalign?
Invisalign are used to straighten teeth without making use of the metal braces. The purpose of an Invisalign is to cover the crooked teeth and pull them into position over time. What makes them stand out from the traditional braces is that they are clear and are easy to take on and off, making them less noticeable than the metal braces.

Can Missing Teeth Affect Invisalign Treatment?
Invisalign treatment has significantly impacted the way the teeth look and function, and are perfect for handling teeth alignment issues. However, it is best to consult with the best dentists in Astoria to find out if you qualify for Invisalign treatment.

Some people assume that since they have missing teeth, Invisalign retainers are not ideal for them. However, it is possible to get Invisalign treatment even if you have missing teeth, but the location of the missing teeth might affect the treatment process. Some gaps will require the dentist to place an implant first before starting the Invisalign treatment. Depending on the condition, you might get mini dental implants that are smaller and do not need incisions.

The dentist will determine the proper implants you need before the procedure and will let you know if you need to book a surgery appointment for full implants. The process involves the screwing of pole titanium on the jaw bone.

What you need to know when getting dentures installed before an Invisalign treatment

The dentist dealing with the Invisalign might not be the one doing the denture.
You will need time to heal before you continue with the Invisalign treatment.
The impression of the Invisalign will include implanted teeth.
Which Should Come First Dentures or Invisalign?
In case you are seeking both the dentures treatment and Invisalign, you might be wondering which will come first. Before answering the question, it is vital to note that each case is different, and until you see an orthodontist, you cannot be sure about your condition.

In most cases, it is best to get Invisalign treatment first before the dentures, unless the dentist insists on putting in the denture first. In case the dentures are put in first, and you have crooked teeth, they might not be put in the right position. Therefore, these implants will be out of place after Invisalign treatment when the rest of the teeth are aligned, because it is not easy for dentures to move as they are screwed into the gums.

If you are getting dentures before the Invisalign treatment, it is paramount for you to discuss with the MediDental Care experts on the impact it will have after the treatment. An ideal expert should ensure they have placed them in the right position to guarantee a flawless smile.

What Is the Cost of Dentures and Invisalign?
Patients seeking dentures and Invisalign are usually concerned about the cost. However, the cost varies depending on the patient's treatment plan. In case you are concerned, you can call our clinic and book an appointment.

FAQs About Dentures and Invisalign
Do Dentures and Invisalign Hurt?
When you first have dentures fitted, you are likely to feel some irritation. However, the pain fades when you become accustomed to the implants. The duration the pain lasts depends on the individual.

When you get Invisalign, you will feel some discomfort as the aligners are moving your teeth. However, the pain will take a few hours before it fades.

Why Does the Denture and Invisalign Treatment Take a Long Time?
When it comes to dentures and Invisalign, the treatment has to be customized to suit your needs. You will need to have an examination done in our clinic so that the dentist can offer you an ideal treatment plan.

Do Dentures and Invisalign Affect Speech?
Given the fact that the dentures and Invisalign are an adjustment in your mouth, you might develop temporal lisps for some time.

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