Why is Invisalign better than Braces

If your goal is to have those crooked or misaligned teeth straightened while improving overall dental health to get back that million dollar smile,  both braces and Invisalign will definitely do the trick. But why is Invisalign treatment a better option?

Traditional braces have been around for a long time and track record shows it has been proven effective time and time again. Though Invisalign treatment just came in to the market around 1999, it has become a popular treatment and showed very satisfactory results.

Now the million dollar question is, should you go for traditional braces or the state of the art Invisalign? 

Let us look at the pros and cons.

  1. Braces are permanently attached to the teeth all throughout the duration of the treatment. So that’s work in progress 24 hours a day. You simply have no choice but to wear them.

With Invisalign, you can remove the aligners at any time. So if not worn for the required number of hours in a day, this will only prolong the treatment process. This treatment requires a whole lot of discipline from the patient.

  1. Traditional braces requires dental visits of at least every four weeks for the adjustment. Thanks to improved technology visit intervals can be every six weeks. 

With Invisalign treatment, it doesn’t require that much dental visits. Aligners don’t need to be changed as often as braces need adjustments. Aligners don’t break so there’s less chance of a dental emergency.

  1. When it comes to maintenance and oral hygiene, braces can be a whole lot more challenging compared to Invisalign. Brushing and flossing  can be difficult with wires and brackets on but it’s essential in overall oral health. You would need to avoid eating foods which are typically hard and crunchy like apples, popcorn, and boiled sweets.  Chewing gum which can get tangled around your wires, is a NO, NO!

On the other hand, aligners need to be removed before eating. And brushing and flossing needs to be done before wearing them back. Aligners need to be taken care of with utmost care. You should avoid getting them stained if you don’t want an unsightly appearance. So red wine and coffee are some of the things you would need to avoid. You need extra time to clean your aligners on top of your daily oral hygiene.

As a general rule, the type of dental treatment that is suitable for one depends on the type of dental problem you need to have corrected. 

With this state of the art technology, it is no longer true that for more complex orthodontic cases, traditional braces is what’s only recommended. These “invisible” braces fix a variety of dental problems from mild cases of crooked teeth to more complex ones like malocclusion, overbite and underbite. Invisalign is just as effective as traditional braces.

If you are highly conscious of how you look, Invisalign treatment is the way to go. It’s definitely more comfortable, no risk of your gums getting cut. It also takes less time to move the teeth and fill the gaps.

Almost everyone is suitable for Invisalign treatment. This is great for teens and adults alike as long as they’re in good general health. 

Invisalign may not be cheaper than traditional braces. But the confidence it will bring you even while on treatment, with less discomfort and all is definitely worth the price. 

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