Three Simple Steps to Get that Perfect Smile

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? Who doesn’t want to show off their pearly white teeth? Who doesn’t want to brag of those well-aligned teeth?

But who on earth was born with that perfect smile? Who on earth was born with those pearly white teeth? And who on earth was born with well-aligned teeth?

The list of dental issues seems endless. There are crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, overlapping or even twisted ones. There’re a hundred reasons for falling into these categories. For overbites and underbites, this can be something hereditary. Crooked teeth can run from the genes as well.  If the mouth is not proportioned to the teeth, such conditions may apply as well.

And given these conditions, we are likely to be a subject of ridicule. And we all know how it feels when people make fun of us. We lose self-esteem. We lose confidence. We may even have the tendency to withdraw from people.

Thanks to modern technology, the solution is now within reach. The most popular one these days is the Invisalign Treatment. This treatment helps straighten your teeth in a timely manner and has been meeting high expectations.

What is Invisalign?

A smile can leave a thousand impressions. A smile can make a big difference. Be it with the way you look, your confidence, the way you live your life. A smile can either make it or break it.

And with Invisalign, getting the smile you have always dreamed of is no longer a big deal. In fact, it’s something that will not even impact your day to day activities.

Invisalign will get you your perfect teeth using a series of nearly invisible and removable aligners, custom made specifically for you. Aligners are either adjusted or replaced every two weeks. You will notice your teeth move gradually as the weeks go by, until it gets to the projected final position. 

Over 3 million people worldwide have already discovered how Invisalign can transform one’s smile without disrupting their everyday lives.

You are just three steps away to that perfect smile:

  1. See your dental practitioner for an assessment and get an imaginary preview of what your future smile would look like. Your dentist will customize a treatment plan for you, including the length of the treatment, costing, schedule of visits. Make sure that everything is noted right from the very start. 
  2. Start wearing your lightweight and almost invisible aligners. When you try on your first custom aligners, your dentist will examine your smile. We always see to it that our high standards are met. Your check-up intervals should be no more than 6 to 8 weeks. And it should be an uninterrupted routine to get the best results.  You should start seeing results in just a matter of weeks. Depending on the severity of the complexity of your case, treatment can be completed in just a little over six months.
  3. Show off your brand-new beautiful smile! With Medi Dental Care’s Invisalign treatment, you get the world’s most advanced clear aligner system. Get ready for those selfies. Get those profile pics changed. Get that long-lasting smile you haven’t had in a while!
  4. It’s never too late to get that sweet smile back. If you have the time and the money (it doesn’t cost a fortune though), then worry no more. Everything will be alright, where they’re supposed to be.

    Just make sure you consult only the best in the industry. When in New York, visit us at 2246 31st Street
    Astoria, New York 11105, walk-ins are welcome. You can also book an appointment at  For your dental needs, Medi Dental Care is the place to be!

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