Can You Be Too Old Or Young For Teeth Whitening?

Everyone wants healthy, bright, white teeth. After all, it’s a game-changer when it comes to your appearance and making a great first impression. Both the person smiling and the person being smiled at get an extra boost when your smile is simply dazzling.

Keeping your teeth healthy and white takes effort. It’s not like you don’t use them every day. Even when you keep to a regular schedule of professional cleanings, brush your teeth two to three times a day, and floss regularly, your teeth will become dull and may stain. From time to time everyone can benefit from teeth whitening to perk up and refresh your teeth. But is it possible to be too old or too young got teeth whitening?

The professional dental team at MediDental Care offers these insights on teeth whitening so that whether you are 18 or 80, you can safely recapture your beautiful white smile.

What causes dull or stained teeth?
The best way to dive into this discussion is to address the main causes of dull or stained teeth. As you may have guessed, food and beverages rank pretty high when it comes to causing stained teeth. Coffee, tea, and wine can wreak havoc on our pearly whites as well as tobacco use, injuries, and some medications like tetracycline.

Did you know you can add naturally aging to that list of things that can impact the brightness of your teeth? It’s true. Beneath the surface, or enamel, of your teeth is dentin. As a person ages, their teeth’s enamel gets thinner, allowing the yellowish dentin to show through more.

Given that duller teeth happens to everyone, does that mean everyone should whiten their teeth regardless of their age? The decision to whiten or not to whiten is a personal one for each patient to make.

The important thing is to know your options and know how to do it safely. A good first step is to discuss it with your dentist, who is familiar with your oral health and can weigh in on the best options for you.

Brighten permanent teeth safely
Now that we’ve ruled out that you can’t be too old to whiten your teeth, can you be too young? The key determining factor here is having permanent teeth. If a child is under 12 or 13 years old, you may want to wait a couple of years. Although permanent teeth will have emerged, it takes another two years for enamel calcification to take place. Tooth sensitivity and uneven whitening are possible outcomes if you whiten too early.

Again, the best course of action is talking with your dentist. There may be dental issues or other underlying causes of teeth staining that will be important to know about. You won’t know for sure unless you ask.

Diverse in-office and at home whitening options
One of the great things about teeth whitening is that whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or let-a-professional-do-it person, there are many teeth whitening options to choose from. At MediDental Care, we offer our patients a chair-side, in-office treatment that takes less than 30 minutes. As patients relax, the dentist uses a professional-grade bleaching gel activated by a special light.

The practice can also prepare a custom-made bleaching tray to send home with patients. The choices are yours with professional guidance, regardless of your teeth whitening preference.

White teeth make you look and feel younger
The benefits of teeth whitening are that it has a tendency to boost your confidence and erase years from your appearance. Looking good and feeling great have a way of making you feel more youthful. A definite win-win.

If you have been thinking about whitening your teeth, contact the highly-trained dental team at MediDental Care in Astoria, New York. Book online or call today.

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