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MediDental Care

Dental Clinic located in Queens, Astoria, NY

MediDental Care is a comprehensive dental clinic in Astoria, New York, providing the diverse community of men, women, and children in Queens with high-end and technologically advanced dental services.

With their team of multi-specialty dentists, MediDental Care can handle all the dental needs of their patients. The clinic offers a wide range of dental services including preventive care appointments, bridges, crowns, and treatment for jaw issues related to TMJ. 

On top of their standard dental services, MediDental Care also provides numerous cosmetic procedures to enhance smiles, like teeth whitening, Invisalign® teeth straightening systems, veneers, and dental implants. They also have the expertise to create a variety of oral appliances on-site, including therapeutic devices to resolve sleep apnea issues.

In addition to having expert providers, the MediDental Care facility itself is state-of-the-art and entirely digital. From the modern dental chairs in the exam rooms to the cutting-edge Vatech® Green CT digital X-ray system, MediDental Care is 100% compliant with everything associated with their practice. The clinic is also completely paperless, adding to their efficiency, accuracy, and reliability..

For comprehensive and personalized dental care at an office accredited by the Department of Health, call or schedule an appointment online at MediDental Care today.

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